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Timeline of events:
1489DR, Tarsakh / 1489DR, Mirtul / 1489DR, Kythorn

Calendar of Harptos

Currently Active Heroes of Phandalin:
Gorbek, Wraith, Gorm, Fyrnask, Daesys

All members of the Heroes of Phandalin:
Character Roster

Currently Available Safehouses and Bases of Operation:
Tresendar Manor
Rivergard Keep

Notable Non-Player Characters:
Gundren Rockseeker
Sildar Hallwinter
Daran Edermath
Harbin Wester
Council of Phandalin
The Black Spider
Weylan Frace
Knights of Samular
Ushien Stormbanner
Captain William Morningfall

Places of Note:
Tresendar Manor
Dessarin Valley
Red Larch
Rivergard Keep
Summit Hall

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