Something Big

Ep 19: We Can't Dance Together

by jonslater2


6 Kythorn, 1489DR

During the evening at Rivergard Keep, an eccentric character named Gorm Tanglehair arrived with information about trouble brewing in Red Larch. He joins Altheon and Gorbek as they investigate cultist attacks on the town of Red Larch and Westbridge. They find Red Larch completely destroyed by fire, and Westbridge taken over and occupied by earth cultists.

  • The group received two letters: one from Ushien Stormbanner and one from Bruldenthar recapping what is known about the cultists’ movements, and also to inform the group that the Lord’s Alliance is being mobilized to counter a rising threat of orcs who have been raiding and destroying farms and homesteads in the east of the [[Dessarin Valley.]]
  • A message was also received regarding an earthquake that struck Westbridge, which was almost certainly perpetrated by the Earth cultists. Gorm informs the party that a similar attack was carried out by fire cultists at Red Larch.
  • Word was also received that barbarian tribes have been incited to attack by the fire cultists at Nettlebee Ranch.
  • Gorm convinces Gorek and Altheon to dispatch one of the river boats to patrol the river and search for information about the pirate captain Strym Three-Fingers, captain of the Fury.
  • The group decides to head to Red Larch that same night to address the unfolding situation. Halfway there, they encounter a large brush fire that was created by two fire elementals and a cultist. Realizing they can’t escape, they engage in a fight. Altheon gets pounded in the fight, Gorm’s illusions manage to trick one, and Gorbek smashes the opposition.
  • The party arrives at Red Larch too late, it has been destroyed by a mysterious orb. Several townspeople were killed, and the remainder of the city has left as refugees. Gorbek invites those who remain to stay with them at Rivergard Keep.
  • After camping outside of town, the group heads north to Westbridge. Along the way, Gorbek questions Gorm’s affiliation and the nature of his magic abilities. After lunch, a massive worm erupts from the ground and attacks the group. Gorm is swallowed whole by the worm, but is saved after Gorbek installs a new window on the side of the worm’s belly. Altheon continues to try and woo Esper. Gorbek destroys this round.
  • The party arrives at Westbridge. Altheon and Gorm approach the city, where Gorm attempts to charm one of the townspeople. Esper and Gorbek gallop into the city after Altheon is discovered.
  • After being uncovered, the party is attacked by a stone priest, two guards, and a giant. Altheon continues to woo Esper with pistol winks. Altheon manages to dispatch the priest. The party manages to defeat the giant and reassure the townsfolk that the Earth Cult was behind the earthquake.
  • To cap off the days events, the group decides to celebrate in Westbridge with a round of drinks. Gorbek wakes up in the morning in a back alley, covered in blood, and finds 3 gold pieces worth of illegal substances in his pouch. Score.


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