Something Big

Ep 26: A River Runs Under It

By jonslater2


12 Kythorn, 1489DR

Shortly after the party entered the Cult of the Crashing Wave’s camp in Tyar Besil, they encountered and slew a group of bugbears and got into a running battle with a mysterious mage, a gang of reavers, and some insidious pots of water. After dispatching the mage, and some courageous lid manipulation by Gorbek, they pressed on into the camp-proper and run into an even more formidable foe: a water Troll with regenerative abilities. After a lengthy and confusing battle, Gorm Tanglehair finally succeeded in putting the beast down for good.

After finding some documents in the mage’s chambers reporting on some of the groups early activities in the Valley (the odd writing matching other reports found in Julliver Grimjaw‘s possession in Rivergard Keep) and paying respects to Daesys’ fallen animal companion, the party pushed eastwards into the complex.

Following an amusing interaction with an mentally imbalanced lizard, the party learned that Theluna, the lieutenant of the Water Prophet, Gar Shatterkeel, has been planning a coup against her former ally. In addition, they learned of lizardmen rebellion in the Mere of Dead Men led by an individual known as Snapjaw. Armed with this knowledge and the hope of an alliance of convenience, the group steeled themselves to enter the Sea Hag’s lair.

While they managed to enter into a conversation with Theluna, it became clear early on that the haughty hag would not bend on her unfair terms for an alliance and fighting broke out. The party quickly slew her ogre bodyguard and attempted to interrogate the Hag, but she was killed before any information could be gleaned.


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