Something Big

Episode 17: A Diversion


1 Kythorn, 1489DR

Following up on the information learned during the interrogation of Grindol, the group decides to investigate the haunted cottage outside of Red Larch. Underneath, they find remnants of the Death Cult previously discovered, destroy an enchanted statue of Bane, and tie up loose ends with a certain old man named Weylan Frace


  • Captain Morningfall arrives in the hall to inform the group that a chest was found in the lagoon below the Rivergard Keep. Inside the chest are four magical patchwork cloaks and a pair of enchanted gauntlets. Everyone dons a robe and Rahziel uses the gauntlets to translate several scrolls.
  • That evening, the group begins their traditional nighttime drinking fest, resulting in Rahziel wandering off and somehow ending up in jail in Red Larch the following morning.
  • The next morning the group decides to investigate Nightwell Cottage to learn why Grindol Farmoor went insane. They head to Red Larch and talk with some old-timers at the Helm at Highsun, where they learn that a woman named Lise used to live in the cottage.
  • Following their advice, the group heads to the butcher shop to look for Lise. Altheon orders a a large amount of meat for the keep, and they learn from Lise how her and her husband went insane after living the the cottage; her husband killed a man and was hung as punishment five years prior. With the location of the cottage learned, the group heads north of Red Larch to investigate.
  • They discover the abandoned cottage, but it seemed someone had been working to fix it up (presumably Grindol). After entering the cottage, Rahziel immediately begins hearing malicious voices in his head. The group restrains him as a precaution, but he is deemed safe and is released. Meanwhile, Wraith discovers a trapdoor leading to a secret room containing several tomes on necromancy. Gorbek is triggered.
  • Beneath a dirty old chest, they discover another passage leading further underground. After climbing down, the group discovers an enormous natural cavern, with reflective stones dotting the wall. They enter a passageway filled with sulfurous earth and are set upon by massive insects.
    *After dispatching the creatures, the group stumbles upon the bodies of another group of adventurers who met their grisly fate in the caves. Altheon unwittingly triggers a zombie horde and Gorbek saves the day with his holy powers.
  • After crossing a brackish pool deeper in the cave, Gorbek and Rahziel are ensnared in spongy earth and the group is attacked by a fiendish Mouther. In desperation, Gorbek rips a patch off of his cloak and summons a friendly, dancing ogre to aid them. After many pirouettes and finger snaps, the group prevails against their foe.
  • The cross a lake of boiling mud with some difficulty and rest to recuperate their health and steel their resolve. Deeper in, they find an archway inscribed with prayers honoring the dark god, Bane. Just inside the archway is a massive statue of Bane with glowing jewels for eyes, and a coterie of skeletal warriors waiting at its base.
  • Detecting a Glyph of Warding in the entrance, Altheon rips off one of his patches and carves out a deep pit at the base of the arch, nullifying the glyph. After leaping across the pit, the party engages with the skeletal warriors, as well a Nothic who came to investigate the disturbance. In the confusion, Wraith managed to topple the statue, shattering its jeweled eyes and instantly halting the voices in Rahziel’s head.
  • After the fight, the group discovers the remains of Dale, Lise’s husband, as well as the deed to Nightwell Cottage, a princely sum of gold, and an enchanted hat.
  • Down the hallway, underneath the north-south road to Red Larch, the group finds a chamber full of rotting corpses and piles of bones, as well as a dining table and chair. Thinking quickly, Gorbek skillfully hides himself in the bone piles using his cloak as cover.
  • Weylan Frace, the old man working with the Death Cult who entrapped the party some weeks earlier, arrives in the room with his personal guard. After a brief fight, Gorbek scores the killing blow against his hated foe (with some help from the others, it should be said). Taking Weylan’s enchanted bracelet, the group returns to Red Larch.


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