Something Big

Episode 18: Something Bigger


5 Kythorn, 1489DR

*Gorbek, Rahziel, Wraith, and Altheon headed back to Rivergard Keep where they caught up with Bonan, and everyone had a few days of downtime to relax and recuperate. Gorbek decided to handle the two prisoners that were still being held inside. He decided to send Galeri Coldel to the Knights of Samular for further interrogation into his involvement with the water cultists. Grindol Famoor was released and told that the voices in his head should now stop. He sent him on his way and gave him 5 gold to start a new life.

*Captain Morningfall delivered a letter from from Lady Ushien who detailed the latest happenings in the valley and requested aid in dealing with them. She indirectly asked for money as a donation to help maintain the Knights of Samular. Captain Morningfall also informed the group that the new cook, Max, had been leaving the castle at night. The party decided to send a knight to follow Max and report back.

*The group headed back to the Sacred Stone Monastery to seek the aid of the Lich living inside. They brought with them the letter from Lady Ushien in hopes of convincing him. Even though Lady Ushien and the Lich had a history together, he still wanted nothing to do with the group — but after Bonan’s persistent pleas he finally gave the groups some items to help them.

*They then departed to investigate a gathering of druids happening at Scarlett Moon Hall. Altheon catches up to the party at the camps surrounding the druid gathering. Their questioning annoyed a group at one of the camps who attacked them, drawing the attention of others who intervened. Entering the large tower at the top of the hill they encountered what seemed to be the leader of the gathering, Blazar. Unfortunately Blazar escaped.


*While speaking with Blazar they learned that, Eanex is the prince of fire and Enefer is the chosen apostle, who is beneath the weeping colossus which is under the Sacred Pyre.

*The party found out that Blazar had recruited the Druids to Sacred Moon Hall for the “Gathering of the Wicker Giant” The purpose is unkown what he was going to do with them.


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