Something Big

Episode 22: An Interlude - Greenest

by jonslater2


10 Mirtul, 1489DR
(The following events occur approximately one month prior to Episode 21)

A group of adventurers- including Bryce, a young paladin, Yasmeena, a young Half-Elf monk, and Elviar, an Elven wizard- arrived in Greenest following stories of dragon cult activity. While getting to know each other in a quiet inn, the town is suddenly beset by an army of Dragon Cultists who quickly begin massacring the townspeople of Greenest. After a fierce fight outside the tavern with one of the marauding bands, the group manages to reach the safety of the keep in the center of town, where they meet the governor and the head of the city guard.

After a brief rest, the party offers to leave the keep to capture an officer who might be able to shed light on the cause of the attack. Making use of a secret tunnel beneath the keep, they manage to successfully ambush a group of cultists and take an officer captive. It is revealed that the army is sacking Greenest on their way south, to add to their treasure hoard in the hopes of drawing dragons to their cause.

During the night, a blue dragon attacks the keep and slaughters a number of guards before everyone withdraws to the safety of the keep’s interior. At dawn, the defenders are awoken by a massive Half-Dragon lieutenant named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, who is threatening to kill the captured family of the town’s sergeant of the guard, Markguth, unless his request for a duel is fulfilled. Yasmeena accepts his offer, and manages to blind the beast in one of his eyes before being struck down, grievously wounded. The cultist army departs soon afterward, and the defenders take this time to charm the captive officer into revealing more about the army’s intentions.

Elviar uncovers that the Rezmir is the leader of the army, and she is attempting to call forth the 5-headed dragon, Tiamat. The half-dragon that fought Yasmeena is Rezmir’s lieutenant, a beast named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The cultists are attempting to recover a series of powerful masks that are rumored to allow the wearers to control the wills of dragons, in order to bring about a new age of dragon dominance in the world.

Hearing of a mysterious Monk who has infiltrated the enemy camp to learn more about this dangerous threat, the group follows the army south and manages to release from captivity the Monk known as Leosin Erlanthar, who gives them new information about the challenges they face ahead.


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