Something Big

Ep 23: An Interlude - The Raider's Camp

by james_a_coursey


11 Mirtul, 1489DR
(The following events occur approximately one month prior to Episode 21)

Rinn Moonwhisper had just arrived in Greenest a few days before the attack by the Cult of the Dragon. The following day, he encountered some suspicious town guards who took him to the keep for questioning. When they realized who he was, they asked him to try to catch up with Yasmeena and Bryce, who left town earlier that morning, to track the retreating cult army and rescue the monk Leosin Erlanthar.

Rinn met the group as they were resting at a small campsite, and they headed out together and eventually found the raider’s camp in the hollow of a large mesa. They were able to climb to the top of the mesa to get a better view from above, and found the camp full of activity and confusion, as the army was in the midst of packing up and moving out. A caravan of wagons and pack animals was being loaded with large crates and chests from the a cave, which Leosin was sure was where a clutch of dragon eggs were being kept.

Having the information he needed, Leosin, Rinn, and Bryce returned to Greenest so continue his mission and report his findings to his contact in Eltural. He promised to reward the party if they waited until the army moved out, then went back to find and destroy the dragon eggs at the camp. He was confident the eggs were left behind because of the small contingent who remained to guard the cave. That meant the eggs were close to hatching and couldn’t be moved. He asked them to get proof the eggs were destroyed, then ride north to Eltural to meet him and his contact from the Order of the Guantlet, Onthar Frume. Yasmeena spent the night atop the mesa to keep an eye on the camp.

The following morning, Greenest’s sergeant of the guard, Markguth, offered to accompany them in repayment for Yasmeena’s brave duel to release his family from the half-dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath the previous day. They found the army had completely abandoned the camp, except for a small contingent left behind inside the cave. They asked Sgt Markguth to stand guard outside, while they proceeded inside.

After encountering a number of traps, cultists, kobolds, and drakes, the party finally found a temple to dragonkind and Tiamat, occupied by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath with two female berserkers at his side. A difficult fight left Yasmeena mortally wounded, but Bryce and Rinn manage to emerge victorious. Unfortunately, Bryce’s youthful enthusiasm almost killed them all, when he attempted to move an ornate chest, springing a trap that filled the room with poison gas. Finding a place to hide and rest, they returned and found the egg nursery in a cold dark cave next to the temple. They killed the two drakes guarding the eggs, then smashed the eggs and watched as the young hatchlings slowly died.

On the way out, they found an abandoned room with a desk full of papers and maps. They indicated that the cults wagon caravan, presumably with all the loot the cult has been accumulating in the camp from it’s various raids in the region, was heading to Baldur’s Gate and then north to Castle Naerytar. They also found the dead body of Sgt. Markguth at the cave entrance. They returned to Greenest to receive their reward, and then set off north to catch up with Leosin in Elturel.


Hahahaha his name was Markguth? I thought it was Marcus and he just had a lisp. Poor bastard.

JimC JimC

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