Human Ranger


Altheon is a slightly passed middle-aged human hailing from Neverwinter. He’s seen his fair share of activity, but never has gotten his fill. He was raised as the second son of an extremely prolific bounty hunting family. At a young age, he showed an interest in the family business. After his older brother failed to catch a particularly slippery collar, Altheon stepped up to prove his worth. After a week, Altheon brought back the bounty and continued to bat clean-up for the family until the tragedy befell his family.Now, Altheon is intent on making his mark. He is not content to simply live in the shadow of what his parents created.

Altheon is all business…most of the time, but does enjoy his time at the tavern. His increasing age has brought an increased understanding and appreciation for making a plan and sticking to it. He also understands that at times, two heads are better than one and is ok with taking a backseat when necessary.

Altheon is bent on proving himself, and will pursue this goal as tenaciously as he pursues his bounties.


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