Half-Orc Barbarian


22 years old, 6’8", 230 lbs with gray skin, gold eyes and long black hair.

Stoic, stubborn, self-reliant, wise in the ways of war, fighting and the mercenary lifestyle but not much else, very warm with those he’s close to but has trouble opening up to outsiders, believes in doing the right thing based on his own personal code of ethics rather than any religious authority, has close feelings for his family despite the distance, is typically not aware of how his presence intimidates others except for when he’s intentionally using it to his advantage.


Born the second of four to farmers living on the outskirts of Neverwinter, Fyrnask learned quickly that he didn’t have the green thumb it took to take up the family trade, so he went looking for work that would make use of his physical prowess. Fyrnask joined a small mercenary band in Helm’s Hold just outside of Neverwinter. Later on, a change in upper management resulted in decisions that were often claimed to be for the greater good yet which didn’t sit well with Fyrnask’s simple ethics of sticking up for the little guy. Too many contracts had him fighting untrained poor folk whose grievances seemed totally understandable to him. So he packed up his meager belongings and headed south in search of a new company of like minds.

Met up with Wraith and Gorm Tanglehair on the streets of Beliard and accompanied them toward Riverguard Keep, where he witnessed Captain Morningfell preparing to abandon the keep in the face of an impending assault from the elemental cultists below. Traveled with Gorm, Wraith and half-orc bard Jarls toward Feathergale Spire to await the rest of the Heroes of Phandalin to put an end to the cultists via a secret entrance to the ancient underground dwarven city they inhabit below the Sumber Hills badlands.


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