Something Big

Ep 27: An Interlude - Escorts

By Chrisdnd


22 Mirtul -10 Kythorn, 1489DR

Bryce, Elviar, Rinn, and Yasmeena had finally made it to the city of Elturel. They made their way to the Black Antlers Tavern looking for the monk, Leosin Erlanthar. They found him sitting down with two other people. One was an old acquaintance of Bryce’s named Onthar Frume and the other was an unfamiliar face. She was a halfling druid named Kalale.

Leosin took the group’s findings from their attack on the Cult of the Dragon camp, and left to study them further. Papers they found indicated that the cultists were heading north with the treasure they had been accumulating from their raids in the south. The group stayed in the tavern and enjoyed eating and drinking after a long journey. Eventually Onthar Frume got drunk and decided to challenge each group member individually to strength contests. Bodies flew and people lay on the ground but in the end the group came out trustworthy and honorable in his eyes.

The following day the group walked around town talking with the locals and doing some shopping. When it was time they went back to the Black Antlers Tavern to meet with Leosin again. Leosin told the group that he had a mission. He wanted the group to find out where the cultists were taking the treasure. It was of the utmost importance that they keep their mission a secret and do nothing that would allow for their cover to be broken. He told them he would send his trustworthy friend, Kalale along, and she would be in charge of the mission.

The group traveled for three days down the Chionthar River, from Eltural to Baldur’s Gate. Once in the city of [[Baldur’s Gate]] the group was tasked with finding a friend of Leosin’s, Ackyn Seleborn. The group found him at the North Gate of the city and convinced him to help. He introduced us to his crafty friend who identified himself as “Robert”. Robert would be the man to help track Cult of the Dragon wagons coming from the south.

After a couple days wait in a cramped room, the group was able to identify the Cult of the Dragon wagons heading into the city from the south. Robert tracked the cultists through the city, and when the group met him at the northern city gates the next day, he pointed them out so they groups could continue following them when they headed north. Ackyn had set it up so that the group would be joining the same caravan as the cultists as hired guards, and after some negotiations with the leader of the caravan, and a few sucker punches, the group was hired to guard a caravan of nine wagons on their thirty-day journey to the city of Waterdeep.

Two of the wagons belonged to the cultists, and contained the treasure they were shipping north. Two wagons carried two small groups of priests who refused to speak to anyone. Three wagons belonged to merchants carrying their goods north. One wagon belonged to a Beyd Sechepol, a half-elf ale-merchant, making his living by selling his good to the other members of the caravan. One wagon belonged to the Banaran family, and their two passengers, one of whom was a young girl setting out for a new life as a city guard in Waterdeep, named Orvustia Esseren, who Bryce had taken under his wing, offering her some basic combat training in their spare time.

After several days on the road the group was ambushed by some perytons (wolfberdeer) from the air. Elviar was made quick work of and tossed to the ground in an unconscious state. Fortunately the group prevailed and Elviar was brought back from unconsciousness. That night the group celebrated the victory with the rest of the caravan but Kalale overheard the cultists talking about Yasmeena. One of them thought he recognized her as the same person who had dueled Langdedrosa Cyanwrath in Greenest.

Post-episode, In-Character Discussion Thread

Important people:

  • Onthar Frume: Leosin’s friend and contact from [[Berdusk.]] Member of the Order of the Guantlet.
  • Dominic Tyler: Captain of the cargo ship that took the party to Baldur’s Gate. Friend of Onthar Frume
  • Ackyn Seleborn: Leosin’s friend in Baldur’s Gate. Owner of a large wagon and travel outfitter outside the north gate.
  • “Robert”: Leosins Erlanthar’s contact who did the dirty work to track the caravan through the city
  • Sulesdeg (The Pole): Caravan Leader
  • Onthar Frume: Leosin contact from Order of the Guantlet


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