1489DR, Kythorn

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* (Ep 17)
* Birthday chest found at Rivergard
* Drinking results in Rahziel in jail in Red Larch

* Party to Red Larch to investigate Nightwell Cottage (kitchen assassin)
* Kills Weylen Frace

* Downtime between Red Larch and Rivergard
* Bruldenthar leaves
*Sildar and Reidoth arrive at Summit Hall

* Downtime between Red Larch and Rivergard
* Everyone is at Rivergard Keep by night.

* Heavy storms from exactly midnight until exactly noon.
* Talk to Lich at Sacred Stone Monastery
* Visit Scarlett Moon Hall
*Sildar and Reidoth leave for Yartar

*Ep 19
*Day recuperating at Rivergard
*News of Westbridge Earthquake and cult Invasion arrives at Rivergard
*Grom arrives evening with reports of pre-dawn devastation in Red Larch
*HoP Send one boat upriver to check for Grom’s Nemesis, Strim Threefingers
*Party departs for Red Larch 8pm
*Party sends Red Larch refugees to Rivergard with note for food and respite


  • Travel toward Westbridge
  • Encounter giant purple worm
  • Arrive in Westbridge in afternoon, and liberate the town from Earth cultists


  • Ep 20
  • Travel to nettlebee Ranch, arrive around noon
  • Camp at ranch after solving the Mettlebee’s problems with the “fire witch”


  • Full Days travel to Beliard


  • Morning shopping in Beliard
  • Travel to Rivergard
  • Arrive Rivergard in the evening evening.

1489DR, Kythorn

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