1489DR, Tarsakh

* Evening meeting w/Gundren @ Bear’s Paw in Neverwinter (Bulli & Sternaair)

* Depart Neverwinter (Bulli & Sternaair)
* Gundren and Sildar ambushed by goblins
* Solbreicht goes to Bear’s Paw with notice, directed by Reemik to head toward Phandalin

* goblin ambush at dead horses of Gundren and Sildar, on Triboar Trail (Bulli & Sternaair)

* met Solbreicht on road, rescue Sildar from cragmaw hideout (Solbreicht, Bulli, Sternaair)

* travel to Phandalin, meet Tarrae on the road, Murder Redbrands in street outside Green Giant Tavern (Solbreicht, Bulli, Sternaair, Tarrae)
* Linene hires Cal & Gorbek to verify stolen Lionshield goods at Cragmaw Hideout

* Redbrand hideout invasion, rescue Dendrar family, Moran retrieves party
* Bullie & Ster & Solbreicht leave party, moran & Tarrae meet Gorbek & Cal and drink all night

* Sildar learns about Reidoth & makes friends with Daran Eldermath
* Party clears rest of redbrands hideout (Moran, Tarrae, Cal, Gorbek)
* Tarrae takes Droop to Edermath Orchard

* Comet Appears
* Morning, head out to Thundertree to find Reidoth to get help finding Cragmaw Castle) (Cal, Moran)
* Morning, Droop leads the way in a search for Cragmaw Castle (Tarrae)

* travel on high road to Thundertree (Cal, Moran)
* Sildar begins forming militia and cleaning up Manor for militia HQ
* Tarrae and Droop search for Cragmaw Castle

* Meet Portabia on high road near Neverwinter, Hobgoblin attack on upriver while camping (Cal, Moran, Portabia)
* Skwelch arrives in Phandalin (Gorbek, Altheon, Bonan)
* Tarrae and Droop locate Cragmaw Castle

* Arrive thundertree around noon (Cal, Moran, Portabia), capture Favric, alienate Reidoth
* Morning, depart from Phandalin for Mage Tower (Gorbek, Altheon, Bonan)
* Evening, Tarrae & Droope return to Phandalin. Tarrae reports location of Cragmaw Castle to Sildar

* Morning, depart for Phandalin (Cal, Moran, Portabia)
* Sildar holds snap election in Phandalin – Daran Eldermath becomes townmaster
* Investigate Mage Tower (Gorbek, Altheon, Bonan)

* Travel to Phandalin (Cal, Moran, Portabia)
* Evening, arrive at Phandalin (Gorbek, Altheon, Bonan)

* Arrive Phandalin late at night (Cal, Moran, Portabia)

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1489DR, Tarsakh

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