Harbin Wester


He is the current Townmaster of Phandalin.

He is a fat, pompous old fool. He is completely intimidated by the Redbrands, and claims they’re “just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble really.”

When the party first met him, he kept insisting that the Redbrands were not a problem. He seemed to be desperate to make it clear that he was the leader of the town, clearly feeling threatened by the arrival of Sildar Hallwinter.

After the arrival of Sildar, and a party of adventurers who cleared the town of the Redbrands threat, Harbin was frequently seen arguing with, and being scolded by Halia Thornton. There were rumors around town that they had a romantic involvement, and that she was manipulating him.

On 1489 Tarsakh 26, a snap-election was encouraged by Sildar Hallwinter to replace Harbin as the townmaster. The townsfolk, deeply unsatisfied with Harbin’s inability/unwillingness to deal with the recent Redbrands oppression of the town, quickly rallied behind Daran Edermath and voted him in as the new townmaster.

Harbin Wester

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