Heroes of Phandalin

A name given to the adventurers that began to gather in Phandalin beginning in Tarsakh 1489DR, who liberated the town from the corrupt and oppressive militia known as the Redbrands, and their leader Glasstaff.

Enlisted by Sildar Hallwinter to help bring stability to the region, and help Gundren Rockseeker retake the nearby mines of Wave Echo Cave, the heroes were given the right to use the militia grounds at Tresendar Manor as a safehouse and headquarters.

Eventually, the prominent members of the town proposed that the heroes could be of use in larger affairs threatening the lands of the north. The heroes were informed of strange happenings in the far south, near Baldur’s Gate, surrounding the Cult of The Dragon, as well as strange elemental happenings and a missing delegation from Mirabar in the nearby Dessarin Valley. The heroes decided to head toward the town of Red Larch in the Dessarin Valley to see what they could learn.

Drawn into a complex web of competing elemental cultists in the valley, they rescued an important member of the missing delegation, who informed them of the ancient, abandoned Dwarven city beneath the hills, and an even older Drow cavern beneath that, housing an ancient temple dedicated to the god of elemental evil, responsible for the gathering cultists and the suffering and destruction they were causing in the valley.

The Heroes have resolved to put an end to whatever is happening, destroying the four cultists surface fortifications, and delving into the ancient ruins below to destroy the magic items being used to bring forth the destructive power of the elemental planes.

Heroes of Phandalin

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