Mirabar Delegation

A delegation was traveling from Mirabar to Waterdeep. It stopped in a tiny village called Beliard turning south to proceed overland through the heart of the Sumber Hills when they disappeared.

Almost a month passed before the site of their ambush by bugbears and monks of the Sacred Stone Order was finally discovered by the Heroes of Phandalin.

The key figures of the delegation include:

Bruldenthar: A dwarf historian who was transporting his collection of manuscripts to Waterdeep. Some of his books about Delzoun were found in the possession of a water cultist Shoalar, aboard his keelboat in Womford.

Teresiel: A moon elf from Silverymoon.

Deseyna Norvael: A noble from Waterdeep.

The body of a fallen Knight of Samular killed by orcs at the Spine of the World. The corpse was to be interred with honor at Summit Hall.

Mirabar Delegation

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