“A bunch of murdering thugs and slavers. Soon to face the full force of justice.”

The Redbrands are the so-called “militia” of Phandalin, feared and despised by the local population. Levying unjust “taxes” and shaking down the local businesses, they spend most of their time drinking and carousing at the The Sleeping Giant taphouse.

On 1489DR, Tarsakh 8, they murdered the local woodcutter Thel Dendrar in broad daylight, and kidnapped his family, when he took a stand against their unlawful and oppressive behavior.

On Tarsakh 20, a party of adventurers arrived in Phandalin and murdered four drunken Redbrands outside The Sleeping Giant. They entered their Redbrand hideout under Tresendar Manor the following morning and killed every Redbrand they found, and freed the Dendrar family, who were waiting to be sold into slavery.

Their leader was a wizard known as Glasstaff, who was later revealed to be the missing wizard of The Lords’ Alliance, name Iarno Albrek. who Sildar Hallwinter travelled to Phandalin to find.

On Tarsakh 22 Cal Talmost, Moran, Tarrae Rasphyre, and Gorbek entered the hideout through a hidden tunnel in the woods nearby, and cleared out all the remaining Redbrands, the bugbears who had been sent by The Black Spider to aid them, and a monster named Blinky.

Iarno Albrek managed to slip away before he could be confronted. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Many papers were found in Iarno’s study. One was addressed to him from The Black Spider and another signed only by “H” — indicating that Iarno was possibly working with Halia Thornton in some capacity.


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