Rivergard Keep


A small castle overlooks the mighty Dessarin River, which
is a good half-mile wide at this point. A gatehouse and
keep stand atop a low bluff, but the walls are built to the
water’s edge. On the river bank, another low tower guards
a boat basin where keelboats are moored.
The keep seems old and worn, but new timbers and
shingles suggest that repairs are underway.

A small but strongly built castle on the banks of the Dessarin River in the Sumber Hills. A mercenary named Jolliver Grimjaw and his band of sellswords occupied the keep for some time. They were repairing the old castle and protecting trade along the river from the depredations of monsters and bandits, or so they claimed. In fact, they were using it as a base of operations to raid travellers and caravans in the region.

On 1489DR, Mirtul 25, the Heroes of Phandalin conquered the keep, taking as their own to use as a base of operations.



Rivergard Keep

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