Something Big

Ep: 24. Delving Deeper

By Chrisdnd


10 Kythorn, 1489DR

Wraith, Gorm Tanglehair, and Fyrnask continued towards the meeting point and found Gorbek waiting. After catching up with each other, they headed into the Sighing Valley. Their plan was to head into the ancient ruins of the Dwarven city Tyar-Besil beneath the Sumber Hills, and put an end to the elemental cultists reign of terror in the valley. They intend to follow Bruldenthar‘s suggestion and take one of the elemental prophet’s magical weapons, and destroy it on the altar in the Fane of The Eye, in the lost drow caverns beneath the dwarven city.

They knew of a hidden cave entrance near the air cultist’s keep, Feathergale Spire, and so they began heading north through the canyon valley, when they heard a ruckus in the distance. They could make out an elf and and companion lying on the ground surrounded by gnolls. The group jumped into action to help and made quick work of the gnolls. The group was introduced to Daesys who is an Elf ranger, and her formidable wolf companion named Leikos. After making small talk the group learned that she was sent here to find the man at her feet. Unfortunately for the man she was too late and the group could see he had been dead for some time.

The heroes convinced Daesys to join their group and they continued on towards the secret entrance in the valley. As they were walking they saw a commotion in the distance at Feathergale Spire. The heroes were not able to make out who it was but they could see fighting going on. They later learned that the Air cultists split on their allegiance and were fighting each other.

Continuing on, while trying to keep hidden, a large silver dragon flew over and made eye contact with the group. It continued on its way out of sight. The group, moving forward as stealthily as possible, found themselves ambushed by cultists. The group begins to kill them one by one when they noticed a giant multi-elemental creature coming from the northwest. Friend and Foe both turned toward the secret cave entrance and ran as fast as they could. No one seemed to know where this elemental came from. The party got inside, but the giant creature created and earthquake, causing the collapse of the entrance, thus blocking their only known exit out. The heroes could now only move forward. One of the cultists they had been fighting in the canyon also fled into the cave with them, and he told them about Yan-C-Bin, who is the Prince of the elemental plane of air. They also learned about his prophet, Aerisi Kalinoth.

While they slowly made their way through the old dwarven ruins, it was clear that they had become home to members of the air cult, the Cult of Howling Hatred. They eventually encounter a strange bard and his musical “minions”. Completely annoyed by the horrible music, the group tries to kill the bard. They do some damage but before they can make the killing blow he literally disappears. After he is gone the group interrogates the remaining “minion” cultists and they find out that the bard’s name is Windharrow and he is Aerisi’s right hand man. They continue to interrogate and when finished, toss the cultists over the of a large underground chasm, into the black abyss. Unfortunately, due to the screams from the minions cultusts, they are seen by a wyvern and his rider, perched on top of a large pyramid which dominates the surrounding ruins.


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