Something Big

Ep 25: Down in the Air

By GuyFall


11 Kythorn, 1489DR

Panic strikes the party as they face off against an air cultist mounted on a wyvern. Luckily, the cool heads of Gorm, Gorbek, and Daesys prevail and they work together to bring down the rider. Fyrnask (immune to fear) runs to a guardhouse for ‘tactical advantage’ and Wraith moves well away from danger to ‘cover our rear from attack by weakling kenku and starving cultists’. Enraged by Daesys’ parting arrow, the wyvern turns on the party. Gorbek quickly retreats to Fyrnask’s ‘Wondrous Guardhouse of Tactical Advantage’ +1, and Gorm goads the Wyvern into attacking and is grieviously wounded, and with no help in sight foolishly decides to fight to the death.

Alas it was not to be. The battle is interrupted by an air cultist who calls off the wyvern, and summons the party to the court of the Aerisi, the leader of the Air Cultists.

Inside her chambers, the party learns…..

  • Gorm can play the flute damn well, and the party can sing, too.
  • Aerisi wants the party to kill the leader of the Black Earth Cult, Marlos, who has been tranformed into a monster.
  • The leader of the Fire Cultists is named Vanifer.

The party agrees and gets a mirror and a magic boomerang as a parting gift. They are led to some ruins where they are allowed to stay the night.

During the night, Gorm is attacked by a cloaker, but is saved by Wraith and Fearless Fyrnask.

The next day Aerisi’s right-hand, Windharrow, leads the party down a long underground corridor, outside of the air cult’s territory. He mockingly warns the party of the giant octopus and a dragon turtle in the waters ahead.

The party searches ahead and discovers three wrecked boats on a beach in large underground cavern lake, and encounter a den of bugbears who they quickly slay. During the fight with the bugbears, Daesny’s wolf companion is slain. In the next room, they meet an alchemist who is surpised to see them, and quickly retreats back to his laboratory after exchanging a few quick words with Gorm.


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