Something Big

Ep 28: An Interlude - The Trade Way

by kesmomo


10 Kythorn – 11 Flamerule, 1489DR

The group was set up around the campfire as Orvustia shows up. After taking the hint that the rest of the group was not incredibly excited about her presence, she exited leaving Rinn and Yasmeena to have quite possibly the most awkward and misleading conversation of the entire journey. Bryce then tried to catch up with Orvustia to persuade her to switch her short sword with Yasmeena’s rod.

The next day a herd of deer appeared near a distant hill. Just as a few of the caravan members rode towards the deer, a magnificent stag appeared over the horizon, as if watching over the rest of the herd. Hypnotized, The Pole rushed after the stag in a frenzy that no amount of yelling, bears, or thunderous booms could shake him from. He ran into the forest with Yasmeena following behind. In the forest, The Pole and Yasmeena stumbled upon a wood elf, who had shape shifted into the stag. He relayed a message to Yasmeena about a prophecy regarding a castle in the sky.

“You’re on the right path. Keep following the river of gold and you will find the castle in the sky. The path is dangerous. Not all will survive. There will be blood.”

With that, the wood elf turned back into the mysterious stag and disappeared into the forest. The Pole and Yasmeena walked back to the caravan, the former entranced with his newly found ring, one which Yasmeena tried to steal from him that night, failing in both her mission to steal the ring and in persuading him that she was just calling him for his turn to watch.

Previously, the men had decided that they would stay back with the still distraught and crazed Silk Trader and his caravan to convince/kidnap him into re-joining the caravan that had left them all behind in the dust. The next day, despite their solid attempt, the Silk Trader was gone, sans his clothes. Never to be seen or heard from again.

While continuing on their quest the next day, the caravan stumbled upon a head in the road. Elviar and Bryce decided to stay back and dig up the stranded man to give him a proper burial. They found a tattoo resembling that of the family Harper. The caravan itself moved on, straight into a Giant Spider’s trap. Two Giant Spiders and some Zoidberg Steroid Trolls engaged them in a fight, one which thankfully the remaining group members outlived.

The group rested in a tavern where they happened upon a drunk blonde man named Hank. In his drunken state, he rambled on about a man named Bobby, and a woman, presumably Bobby’s sister, that Hank had loved but had died at his hand. Hank pleaded with the group to check a hidden glade in the forest guarded by a Unicorn and surrounded by graves. There they could find a cloak and a club, which could be used to persuade Bobby to give up his violent ways (he apparently leads a band of orc bandits now). He gave them a message for Bobby and asked them to deliver it.

On the way to Waterdeep, The Pole gave the group some information about the castle emerging from the misty hilltop they passed called Dragonspear. The Pole informed them that old dwarvish ruins used to house some kind of evil presence, possibly a portal to some kind of hell. The Highmoor Orcs who held claim to the castle were destroyed by armies, and a temple was erected in its place. The armies still continue to guard the old ruins/temple just in case the evil presence decides to show its face again.

Once the group arrived in Waterdeep, the caravan guards decided to follow the cultists until they disappeared into a large warehouse on the Northern Edge of town. The group then made their way over to Kalale’s contact, Abigale Wilmont, who was grateful for the information and told them that her spies would keep an eye on the cultists. She mentioned that a group of adventurers, known as the Destroyers of the Feyn, just arrived in Waterdeep.


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